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Join us at the APA and Brownfields Conferences!

As we’re busily developing the 2013 Reclaiming Vacant Properties conference, we're pleased to be participating in two other very important conferences over the next few months -- the National Planning Conference (April in Chicago) and the National Brownfields Conference (May in Atlanta.) If you're attending either event, we hope that you'll join our sessions, share what's going on in your work and say hello.
Land Banking and Historic Preservation
National Planning Conference
Session Date/Time: April 17
Community Progress' Michael Freeman will be presenting alongside representatives from the Detroit Land Bank and the Michigan Historic Preservation Network to discuss how concerted and coordinated efforts between historic preservationists and land banking entities can stabilize communities and spark neighborhood revitalization. Through a thoughtful disposition process, land banks can help to ensure that buildings end up in the hands of developers who want to invest in historically sensitive renovations that can help revitalize the surrounding community and preserve historic assets. Municipal leaders and others all over the country are often confronted with difficult decisions about demolition and reimagining the physical environment. Share your experiences and help shape national thinking on these issues.
Find out more about the conference here.
You Need How Many Acres?!?: Property Consolidation Strategies and Other Municipal Tools
for Brownfields Redevelopment Projects
National Brownfields Conference
Session Date/Time: May 16 at 1:00 p.m.
Community Progress Vice President and Director of the New Orleans Vacant Property Initiative, Nicole Heyman, will be presenting with Doug Leeper and Sam Stephens from the City of Cincinnati to discuss different ways municipalities have tackled the challenge of property acquisition. Negotiation techniques and code enforcement are two strategies that will be discussed. We know the Brownfields conference is a big one, but hope you’ll find your way to join us.
Find out more about the conference here.
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