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PHXRenews: A Unique Opportunity

PHXRenews is the city of Pheonix's largest and "most aggressive and visonary" redevelopment plan to date, according to Mayor Greg Stanton, transforming a 15-acre vacant parcel into a center of art and community engagement. 

The Detroit Future City Strategic Framework Plan: New Ideas for the Reuse of Vacant Land

Detroit Future City, designed to be a strategic framework for the city's next 50 years, envisions a reinvented, green and economically vibrant Detroit. But Detroit may not be the only American city these ideas can help.

Chicago Gets a Land Bank: An Interview with its Champions

New tools were needed to combat the dramatic rise of vacancies in the Chicago region. Here we interview the two driving forces behind the legislation creating the Cook County Land Bank.

The Opportunities Ahead: A Letter from the President

As I assume the helm of Community Progress, I am delighted to have this opportunity to introduce myself and to share with you my excitement for the work ahead.

Tamar Shapiro Named as New Chief Executive of the Center for Community Progress

Tamar Shapiro, a widely respected leader in the field of urban and regional policy, has been chosen by the Board of Directors to become the new President and Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Community Progress, the nation’s preeminent organization promoting neighborhood revitalization through the prevention and creative reuse of vacant and abandoned property.

Achieving the Triple Bottom Line with Green and Blue Infrastructure

As the definitions and best practices of blue and green infrastructure evolve, cities are finding that making the environmentally sound choice saves both money and time while also adding value to existing property, creating jobs and revitalizing neighborhoods. 

Winter 2012 Legislative Roundup

This year many states, counties and municipalities across the country pursued legislative remedies to make their efforts to address vacant and abandoned properties more effective. This issue’s Legislative Roundup takes a brief look into some of the successful initiatives that we had an opportunity to help support this year.

Land Banking: An Essential Tool for Community Health

Land banks exist to serve the public interest. By taking control of vacant properties, land banks are well positioned to prevent the deterioration of property and the surrounding community that comes from the inability or unwillingness of the owner or tax lien holder to properly maintain it.

Thinking of the City as a Startup

Tracy Certo, the Managing Editor of Pop City in Pittsburgh, tackles an interesting question: Can we make cities better by treating them as startups? 

Southwest Detroit Presents a Promising Model for the City's Future

A neighborhood that created its own natural playbook for revitalization, Southwest Detroit is cool because it is what it is, nothing more, nothing less. Its sustainability is born out of real human spirit, writes Jay Walljasper.

A Co-op for Community Development

A unique co-op has community members pooling their resources to collectively buy, rehab and manage commerical and residential property in Northeat Minneapolis.

Rebuilding Kalamazoo with Strong Partnerships

In Kalamazoo, Mich., the City, land bank and residents are working together to reclaim the neighborhoods surrounding the downtown area. They begin with an anchor and employ collaborative strategies as they move outward. 

Letter from the President

In July, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced that it had approved buyers for nearly 2,500 vacant Fannie Mae properties. Most of the winning bidders in this auction will operate their new acquisitions as rental properties. For the country as a whole, these sales are part of the gradual “reset” of the housing market. But, for some of the communities that are home to these properties, their sales will represent a huge increase in the number of investor-owned properties within their local market.
28 Articles | Page: | Show All
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